Modern Day Troubadours

Ann performing at Susan Bailis Assisted Living Center with The Boston Conservatory Troubadours.

Ann performing at Susan Bailis Assisted Living Center with The Boston Conservatory Troubadours.

Beginning in France, during the middle ages, the Troubadours were among the most important mediums for sharing political, social, and and cultural news in the private courts, and later in public locations. They were the poets, songwriters, and performers who composed and performed new sets of pieces each day in order to consider and spread awareness of international, national, and local news. Many of these songs' poems contained themes of chivalry, nationalism, and courtly love from satirical and intellectual standpoints. Eventually, the troubadours movement spread throughout Spain, Germany, and Italy, and these important songwriting groups became a pivotal force for spreading awareness about important ideological changes in the world. Unfortunately, although thousands of Troubadour songs were composed between 1100-1350, very few have survived.   

Today, the Troubadours movement has been resurrected for a similar, yet distinctly different purpose: to spread awareness about classical music and poetry of past intellectuals, and most importantly to provide music for the communities that are most in need of an artistic outlet. I am honored to be part of a musical force that supplies music for communities that are normally unexposed to live classical music. These communities, which sometimes feel overlooked or forgotten, are the ones who need emotional, intellectual, and artistic stimulation the most. Continuing the Troubadour tradition is a vital characteristic for the happiness and education of people of all demographics in the modern world. I hope more musicians  and artists will join this important movement, and I hope they make sharing their art and passions with those in need the utmost priority. 


Ann Fogler

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